About Us


Blood Donation in numbers


Every single day in India, a deficiency in the supply of blood results in over 12,000 individuals not being able to obtain the necessary amount.


Because of the lack of collaboration between medical facilities and blood donation centers, more than a million units of components of blood were not utilized.

Waiting Time

It can take longer than 12 hours to complete a blood transfusion after making a request for it, since it can be difficult to locate a compatible donor.


Blood Links Advantage

We link up people who provide blood donations with those who need it, so that the donor can witness the positive outcome of their contribution in someone's life.

By directly providing blood to those in need, the donation will be used to fill an existing demand without being wasted.

Blood Links disseminates blood requests to all potential blood donors who are located within a 5 km radius of where the blood is needed. This enhances the likelihood of a donor going to a medical facility or a blood bank to give blood to a person in need. Additionally, it reduces the time taken to satisfy a request for blood.

Our system links those who provide blood with those who are in need of it quickly, which cuts down the amount of time needed. This saved time can be instrumental in preserving lives during an emergency.

Join the Cause

Bloodlinks is a unique system that makes it possible to find a blood bank or hospital in a particular area in real time. The main purpose is to make it easier to find blood banks and hospitals to donate blood and request blood. The Bloodlinks app and web platform allow users to search for blood banks and hospitals online to get blood and donate blood from trustworthy blood banks. It also helps blood banks to accept blood, process blood donations, blood requests and issue blood to people in need through its blood bank management software. The app provides geo-searching, Donation Form & Request Form, appointment scheduling, notifications, and updates to make it easier to find blood banks and hospitals in an emergency. We are reaching out to the community to ask for their help in registering donors for Blood Links, which is another step towards creating a better society.

Our Vision and Mission


24x7 availability of blood so that no one should die waiting for blood



24x7 availability of blood so that No one should die waiting for Blood, Blood should wait to give a life.


Nobody will die waiting for blood after 31st December 2025